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This past Saturday (12/8/2018) our students put forth their best efforts to show everyone that they are ready for their next rank. Please congratulate the following for successfully moving to their next belt. We wish them continued success in their journey towards black belt!

Name New Rank

Austin Wincell-Cope Red Belt 1st Gup

Mohammad Azaizeh Brown Belt 4th Gup

Francis Dombrowski Green Belt 5th Gup

Faith Christman Green Belt 5th Gup

Carsyn Neuer Green Belt 5th Gup

Sebastian Major Green Belt 6th Gup

Rumi Baer Green Belt 6th Gup

Frances Scarboro Green Belt 6th Gup

Zachariah Smith Green Belt 6th Gup

Dyllan Jacobs Orange Belt 7th Gup

Jill Baer Orange Belt 7th Gup

Mardy Shepherd Orange Belt 8th Gup

Karissa Wincell Orange Belt 8th Gup

Max Rebollo Orange Belt 8th Gup

Connor Dymond Orange Belt 8th Gup