Jae Nam Training Academy
Jae Nam Training Academy Timothy Dymond

My son has been going here for about 2 years now. The improvement in his skills has me impressed. He has fun and it's a great way to get all that energy a seven year old has out.

Timothy Dymond

Jae Nam Training Academy Eric Ourso

The best thing we did for our son was enroll him in Jae Nam Training Academy! It’s absolutely been a wonderful experience! Master Acri is an excellent teacher!

Eric Ourso

Jae Nam Training Academy Mark Cesar

I've known Master Arci for approximately 3 years via our interactions with the World Tang Soo Do Association. He has always been professional, astute to his students needs, and very knowledgeable in the martial arts. I would highly recommend attending his dojang, taking in a lesson and joining Jae Nam Training Academy.

Mark Cesar

Jae Nam Training Academy Paul Philpott

This is a great program. My 4yo son loves it. Master Nick is great with keeping the younger children engaged, focused, and excited to be there. The program is focused on self defense, self-control, and confidence and isn't about fighting. Nick teaches fundamental physical movements that can be applied to many other sports while broadening cultural horizons and providing a great workout. Couldn't be happier with this school.

Paul Philpott

Jae Nam Training Academy Jill Baer

Both of our kids signed up to work with Master Acri two months ago. It has been a fantastic experience. Master Acri is great with the kids and I am very impressed by how much they are learning and how hard they are working. Five Stars, and then some!

Jill Baer

Jae Nam Training Academy Anthony Bruno

My son is having a blast. And Master Nick is great with the kids.

Anthony Bruno

Jae Nam Training Academy Jennifer Gabel

My daughter has grown tremendously in confidence, discipline & skill. Highly recommend Jae Nam!

Jennifer Gabel

Jae Nam Training Academy Kristen Marino

My son has been in the academy for almost a year now. He is 5, and he enjoys it very much! It is definitely a great learning experience for the little ones. Master Nick has lots of patience and is an awesome instructor. You can tell he is very dedicated to the art!

Kristen Marino

Jae Nam Training Academy Whiskey Zoo

I was a little scare to start training because I felt like I was too old for this sort of thing but they have a free trail so I tried it out.

It has boosted my confidence immensely, taught me self discipline, has keep me in shape and also has made new friends in the process.

Master Nicholas M. Acri is an incredible instructor whose passion in life is teaching this Martial Art. You will not be disappointed.

Whiskey Zoo

Jae Nam Training Academy Jason Boice

Jae Nam Training Academy is an Excellent School of Martial Arts. In just 12 weeks My Daughter Lyla is much more confident and courageous. Just today Lyla's Second Grade Teacher reported to Me that: She is participating more in class, and Her confidence Level is through the roof! Thank You Master Acri......TANG SOO!

Jason Boice

Jae Nam Training Academy Victoria Smith

My son has been attending the little dragons classes for about two weeks now and he already loves it! Master Nicholas Acri is a wonderful teacher and has great patience with all the kids. A great learning experience for any age, to intake valuable routine, structure, patience, respect all while having fun! Highly recommend!

Victoria Smith

Jae Nam Training Academy Hisham Gad

This is a great school, my kids loved it from the 1st day so we signed up for membership right away ... very good teacher ... great personality and very helpful .... thank you Nicholas Acri

Hisham Gad

Jae Nam Training Academy Michael Kmetz

Best Master, Best students of all ages come check it out

Michael Kmetz

Jae Nam Training Academy Pete Lieback

Im 53 and got back into it master Acri was patient with me and i love how he motivates me to get better.

Pete Lieback

Jae Nam Training Academy Chris Domkowski

Awesome school with a great instructor. Great placed to work out, learn how to defend yourself and push yourself!!

Chris Domkowski

Jae Nam Training Academy Danielle Burns-Kmetz

My son has been going to this school for almost 6 years. He is turning 14 years old and has just earned his black belt. He trains faithfully 4 days a week, 2 hours a day, by choice, under Master Nicholas Acri and his hard work pays off every single day in and out of the dojang. We have tried 2 other schools in the area and left because he was bored at one and the other school wasn't challenging. With that being said, if you are looking for a challenging school, where the instructor can actually perform every single move and exercise he is teaching, you should try this one. The closeness of the students and parents here is amazing and the comrade they develop is unique and heartfelt. It is not a cake and balloon birthday party holding place. It is a well-run excellent training center for which the classes speak for themselves. If your child is willing to give it a try, you would not be disappointed. If you have any questions, Master Nicholas Acri is always available and able to answer any you may have. I am sorry if I seem like an advertisement, but I believe in this school and am a proud mom of a black belt student that was built at this school. :-)

Danielle Burns-Kmetz

Jae Nam Training Academy Miriam Bakewell

Our child has been attending for almost one year. We couldn't be happier with the skill development, increase in self confidence and the instruction!

Miriam Bakewell

Jae Nam Training Academy Ramon Rodriguez

Child attends his little dragons (ages 4 to 7) classes for over a year now and he loves it. Master Nicholas Acri is great with the kids and definitely has the patience for this age group.

Ramon Rodriguez

Jae Nam Training Academy Gillian Ostrum

This is an excellent school with a great teacher! Tang soo do is a good workout with the added bonus of learning to defend yourself.

Gillian Ostrum

Jae Nam Training Academy Bryan Olson

Excellent program if you want to learn martial arts. Do yourself a favor and check out this school.

Bryan Olson